Yahoo email hacking problems

You probably get the SPAM messages from family and friend.  We get a TON.  Seems Yahoo gets hacked 100x more than most email providers.  Here is a quick and easy way to attempt to secure your account after you become a victim:

  1. Try to login and change your password before contacting yahoo
  2. Write to your contacts and warn them telling them not to open any suspect messages from you
  3. when all is said and done get RID OF YAHOO email and switch to gmail or MSN live mail
  4. call Yahoo  :1-408-349-1572, o866-562-7219 then press on #2 explain to a customer service person what happened. They will ask you to do certain things and then they compare your original info with the changed info. Within 24 hrs you should get your account back!
  5. Send an email to Yahoo Account Security Department account mentioning the problem