Help Desk

Need to send in a request RIGHT AWAY? —> email help -at- (if this is your first time be sure to confirm the request via the automated email you receive)     —     NEW helpdesk (launched Feb 2015)

Welcome to the MTG HelpDesk. We are staffed 24/7 so feel free to submit a ticket whenever you need help. Not a client yet? Send in a request a take us for a test drive.

We are happy to schedule support sessions after hours or during your breaks to minimize downtime.  Follow these easy steps below to prepare your computer:

  • Install our remote app: (if you already have our teamviewer app installed, skip this step).  We have 2 options for our remote access (1) the full remote installation for clients so we can get on anytime you need us and after hours – we RECOMMEND option 1 (2) just install it once and then we can be there when you need us (but you have to run it each time).  Follow directions here:  The first option on the page is for the full host installation (takes 30 seconds) the second is for a quick one-time installation (if we reboot you will have to run it again and send us the info each time) and the last is for a MAC computer.

  • Keeping your computer awake: Instead of having you go through the hassle of changing your power options so your computer won’t sleep or hibernate (which would block us from getting on) you can run this nifty little program which will keep it awake so we can work while you take a break or sleep:  Once you hit RUN it will pop-up a note saying your computer won’t sleep, feel free to minimize this but do NOT x out of it..  Once you see that you are all set (see screenshot below of what to expect and see when using this program).  For MAC’s simply go to APPLE button in upper right, then systems preferences, then energy saver –>  set to never

  • Password on hand for reboots and installs: Often times we will need to reboot your computer after installing updates, fixes or clearing infections.  Please send us your password (computer, email and any other information relevant to the help we are giving you):  The service creates a one-time link that we can click and retrieve the info, then the link is automatically destroyed and the information stays secure and is not floating around in email for all eternity.  To send information securely either use the link above OR text us your password to (six-one-seven) 340-9724 or call the same number and leave a Voice Mail.

  • Finally, please close out all of your applications, save all your work and update your ticket saying READY – this is our green light to get on when we know you are off .  Depending on the task we will likely we’ll have to reboot the computer.  If you have open documents and we can’t reboot our tech will have to stop and schedule a new session with you.

Running the program “Awake” to keep your computer online for us