Partner Network Status


 Vocalocity / Vonage Business systems normal —>
 Google Apps For Business systems normal —>
 Intermedia Hosted Services systems normal —> 
 Office 365 Hosted Services systems normal —>
 Appriver Email Solutions systems normal  —>
 Liquid Web Servers systems normal —>
 Comcast Networks systems varied —>
 Verizon Communications systems varied —>
 Crashplan Backup Servers systems normal —>

Comcast: Customers in NH and MA are reporting issues on Monday 4/6/15 and into Tuesday 4/7/15.  Other monitoring sources:

Comcast: Loss of internet starting early AM Sunday 9/28/14 resolved Monday 9:15 AM 9/29/14

Vonage Business / Vocalocity: This morning Vonage Business Solutions (VBS) received notice that one of our critical technology partners will be performing unscheduled maintenance over the next several days. Our current understanding of the maintenance is that it is preventive in nature and may be related to the recently discovered Shellshock vulnerability.Because we know how critical your phone service is to your business, we believe it is prudent to notify you of possible service issues, even if we believe the likelihood of this happening is low. Also, the nature and design of our VBS technology infrastructure will limit any exposure to a service interruption, and your customer data will not be lost or compromised. Our expectation is that any interruption would be no more than 5 to 10 minutes, sometime between Friday, September 26 and ending Wednesday, October 1. In this case, an interruption might involve a temporary failure of phones to register and/or dropped calls (or the temporary inability to initiate a new call). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your business.

AppRiver: Mail delivery issues resolved Friday September 26th

MegaPath: Scheduled Start Time: 09/30/2014 12:01 AM PST — Maintenance Window: 12:01 AM-5:00 AM PST – Maintenance TT number: 236560 —  — Reason for maintenance: MegaPath is performing preventive maintenance for migrating one of our core router. Expected Impact :1-2 hours. Notes : In the event of unforeseen problem, circuit could be down for a longer duration within the maintenance window timeline.