MTG Home Services Package

$15 per computer / per month – Security, Backup and Device Monitoring + access to our business class helpdesk – (If you need to purchase support hours – scroll down) Many of our business clients have asked “why can’t I get these great services for my home computers as well?” .. now you can! Every PC on the internet SHOULD have security software along with a backup program to keep your critical and precious data safe.  We bring these together in one managed package so you can be sure your computer is safe and your data is protected and recoverable.  In addition, we have our business class helpdesk on call for you at a reduced rate so you can ask questions and get technical help in a snark-free environment.  Buying a new computer? upgrading and need to transfer data? want to find the best deals? Interested in learning about solid state drives or cloud services? Want assistance setting up a webcam? We can help you with all of these requests and more…these packages also make great gifts!

Included in this bundle:

Monitoring App: Our app will run silently on each computer and report back to our dashboard alerting us to potential hardware & software based problems (runs on  PC’s, MAC’s and Servers).  This is NOT internet or usage monitoring but is designed to keep an eye on the health of the hardware, operating system, patches and events in the log

Remote Support App: This gives us 24/7 access to your computer when YOU need us: for installs, infections, application help and or anything else (NOTE: this can be kept OFF on your computer and only turned on when you need support from us)

Security: Business class managed anti-virus and anti-malware protectionds

Online Backup: Cloud Managed backup “set-it-and-forget-it” will keep your whole computer backed up online, encrypted and with unlimited storage.  We can help you with file restores, setups or whole-computer recovery

Helpdesk account with MoonRivers Technology Group: anytime you need help just submit a ticket and you will have access to our technicians and expertise at half our corporate rate ($65/hour).  Your $15.oo monthly payment will also credit towards any fees for the month

Home Computers: if you use us for 1 hour remote help the cost would be $65 – $15 = $50 / If you need 2 hours of help it would be $50 + $65 = $115

How does it all work? Use the shopping cart on this page to purchase your monthly package.  Once we receive your order you will be sent a welcome email detailing what needs to be done next.  If you require support from our helpdesk please purchase an hour below ($65/hour).  Once that is used up, you can purchase 1 or more hours to be used when needed going forward and we’ll keep a tally of the time you have left in your helpdesk account so you can see it.  Rather then get your billing information then hold you hostage, like many other companies, you can completely manage your information and billing, with the ability to cancel at anytime.

Login to your payment portal to update your information or cancel anytime

Login to your payment portal to update your information or cancel anytime