Record a video of your problem in 3 easy steps

You can use Problem Steps Recorder to automatically capture the steps you take on a computer, including a text description of where you clicked and a picture of the screen during each click (called a screen shot). Once you capture these steps, you can save them to a file that can be used by a support professional or someone else helping you with a computer problem.  We can do this in three easy steps:

  1. Download the PSR here and simply run it.  It will pop up the app and let you start recording (windows 7 and 8 also has this function built-in, just click the Start button , and then typing psr and you will see the program pop-up above your search
  2. Let it record while you go through your problem.  You can even it type in notes as you go to highlight things or ask questions
  3. When you are finished simply stop the recorder, it will ask you to save it.  Once saved just email the file to us:

To take a more detailed look at Microsoft’s instructions click here