New Client Onboarding



The Goal of our onboarding process is simple: to completely integrate our service and support platform with your organization:


Onboarding Option 1

  1. We can put the information sharing and agent installation process fully in your control as we begin the integration process.  You can use our documents to guide you or simply share with us existing documentation and all the information you currently have on your existing infrastructure, services and vendors.
  2. Once we complete this initial data-dump, we’ll need to get our remote support tools and agents installed on all your desktop, laptops and servers.  This step is essential in allowing us to provide the best possible support for your organization
  3. We can provide you with our agent and remote support installation package.  When convenient, you can install the agents in house and come back to use with a spreadsheet or document that contains the 9 digit code and password.  You or your users can do this installation and when done, send an email with the information to This will get us the 9 digit code and password as well as auto-create a helpdesk account for the user who sent the email
  4. This method puts the information gathering and exchange in your control

Onboarding Option 2

  1. Using our Onboarding document, you can fill in the information to the best of your ability along with the names and emails addresses of all your users. We’ll then take that information, load it into our system and work with each user to get their agents installed and their helpdesk account setup.
  2. With this method, we’ll draft a welcome email with you and use that to communicate directly to your employees and gather the information we need.  This is sometimes helpful as it lets each person know who we are and who we can help them going foward
  3. This method takes you out as the middle man and has us operate as an IT department for you.  We’ll run the show with your users, get everything setup,  keep you in the know and check-in from time to time with an update and any questions or issues we might be having

Onboarding Option 3

  1. We can use our first site visit to check and tag every computer, server and piece of equipment we find
  2. This method works well if we’re going to be onsite for an initial startup project while the limitation is that we both have to wait longer to get moving on user and workstation support

Onboarding Files:

  1. Use this document as your guide and fill out to the best of your ability. Whatever information we don’t have here we will help you find and figure out
  2. Feel free to install this package on any and all computers: Proactive maintenance and monitoring Agent.  Download this zip, unzip and run the run-me file.  A black window will pop-up, do the install and vanish.
  3. Here is our remote support software (for more detailed instructions on the quick installation go to
  4. Feel free to upload any and all IT / tech documentation you have to our upload portal located here.  Some of things that would be good to have: purchase receipts for hardware/software, agreements with existing vendors, passwords and logins for hosted or other services, pictures of anything tech related, planning or budgeting information, router/accesspoint/firewall login/password and anything else tech related