Use an alternate remote access solution

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With a few clicks we can get remote access your computer and install teamviewer the you won’t have to worry going forward

Use RUT for remote support if you can’t get Teamviewer working

  1. You only have three simple steps, step 1 is to download and install the “host”  program
  2. Next simply run through the quick install and when prompted to use a password, use: bronx
  3. When the program is installed go to your system tray (near your clock) find the icon (monitor with blue graphic on it), right click and select “internet id connection settings” send that to install instructions (use this if you are having trouble with teamviewer)

  1. You will want to click here to download the file and run it
  2. It will pop-up a box at the top of your screen, including a 9 digit number
  3. Send that number to or your tech support rep (see screenshot below)
  4. Once we are connected you will pass mouse control to us (see screenshot below) and we’ll be good to go